Title Announcement: Jack of Spades from Source Point Press

Source Point Press has announced the release of their brand new comic book series, "Jack of Spades", to coincide with the Motor City Comic Con on May 17th. This new original comic book series follows Jack Spade as he battles "paranormals", characters emerging with incredible powers and abilities, in a world on the verge of change. 

"When you give man the power of a god, you can't expect all of them to do the right thing," says Jack of Spades creator Trico Lutkins. "Businesses and private individuals are willing to pay large sums to protect them against paranormals that their government and law enforcement seem helpless against. That is where our main character comes in…"

Jack of Spades is written by Trico Lutkins and penciled and inked by illustrator Joshua Werner. Lutkins' writing can be found in a number of new releases from Source Point Press, including the book "Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales", the short story "Jack of Spades: Lonely Tower Lives" in the anthology "Alter Egos" (which also includes a story written by Joshua Werner), and other titles. Werner's illustration work is vast, covering a number of genres. He has worked on such characters and licensed properties as Vampirella, John Carter Warlord of Mars, Transformers, Dead World, Night of the Living Dead, Dracula, War of the Worlds, Sherlock Holmes, and others. 

"I'm very excited to have this series off the ground," says writer Trico Lutkins. "Everything has come together perfectly. JoS has the best illustrator and collaborator a guy could ask for, Joshua Werner. And I'm very proud to have JoS as the flagship series for Source Point Press' comic book line."

"Jack of Spades has a unique visual style and fresh take on the superhero genre that will excite a lot of readers," says illustrator Joshua Werner. "It's definitely going to turn some heads, and it's the start of something big. I recommend readers jump on this story now so they can watch this incredible story unfold from the beginning."

Jack of Spades #0, the premier issue of the series, will be available for sale in limited stores and online retailers; those having trouble finding the premier issue are encouraged to visit www.sourcepointcomics.com for purchases and inquiries. 

Source Point Press is an independent press that publishes anthologies, novels, chapbooks, comics, and graphic novels. Source Point press has a number of products available or scheduled for release in the near future including the comic series "Serial" and "Source Point Press Presents", the anthologies "Alter Egos Volume 1" and "Alter Egos Volume 2", and the books "Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales", and "Weird Little Kid". 

More information can be found at www.SourcePointPress.com and www.facebook.com/SourcePointPress Email questions to sourcepointpress@gmail.com