TMNT: April O'Neil Jumping On A Trampoline... That's About What I Expected From Megan Fox


Yup... that's about right. I mean we've yet to see the Turtles or their mo-cap suited selves, but we've got plenty of Megan Fox already and now she's jumping! Of course nothing about her wardrobe suggests any similarities between her and the red-headed iconic character April O'Neil, but what do I know. I'm guessing that her story angle is that she wants to be taken seriously as a reporter and not stuck doing fluff pieces like trampolines... am I right? Yeah, it's pretty fucking obvious guys. Will Arnett was on set as well, dressed as Will Arnett... what's this fucking movie about again? Oh right, action figures. Plenty of pics after the jump.

You know she's a serious trampoliner with those weights on!

Via Comic Book Movie