Top 7 Batman Films

Written by guest contributor Cameron Gallagher

I'm going to be going over the Top 7 Batman films (in my opinion). Don’t forget no hate here or battles in the comments, this is meant to be a discussion on why I love the films I do and why I place them where. This list is GOING to upset many, but I will make sure to justify all of my reasons. I'm rating these based on watchability, acting, story, directing and fun. Let's get to it!

  1. Batman Returns: This is by far the weakest film, I felt in all of the live action Batman movies. Although Keaton is iconic as Batman, Penguin and Catwoman felt so far-fetched I honestly think they are what tanked the film. This also is a very dark film and didn't have that dark yet light-hearted vibe to it, like the comics do. It's a great film overall of course, just not one I would put in my Blu-Ray player anytime soon!

Batman Returns Movie Poster

  1. Batman (1989): Let the hate begin! I know right, the original? Yes and here's why! Of course it's the original live-action Batman that portrayed the more modern and gritty Batman, but my problem with this movie is in its pacing and obviously dated feel. Even for 1989, this felt like an older movie, and for me it made it seem cheesier, but not in a fun way. Also like Batman Returns, this movie is pretty dark. Now obviously Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton are amazing in this, I just can't seem to re-watch it as often.

Batman 1989 Movie Poster

  1. Batman and Robin: Yes, at its very core this movie is terrible, but not before being incredibly fun and witty. A lot of people hate, and I mean HATE, this movie but I think they aren't looking at it the right way. This movie feels like a light-hearted Batman comic. Over the top dialogue, crazy antics… that's what the comics felt like. Now of course, not all of the comics feel like this, but I feel like Batman at its core is a little hokey at times, but still with action. Also in this movie I love George Clooney. He isn't Oscar worthy, but I believed it. Now say I'm naïve, but I am an acting fanatic, and I think Clooney didn't do bad at all.

Batman and Robin Movie Poster

  1. Batman Forever: This movie is by far the most re-watchable of all of the Batman movies before the Nolan Trilogy. I love Val Kilmer in this role and I thought Nicole Kidman was the only Batman woman I ever actually cared for. Jim Carey and Tommy Lee Jones KILLED their roles, and I love the introduction of Robin. This movie felt like everything great about Batman. Funny, serious, action. It all worked in this film for me!

Batman Forever Movie Poster

  1. The Dark Knight: WHHOOOAAAA, PUTTING THIS AFTER THE OTHER TWO NOLAN FILMS? I know, I know! I love this movie with all of my heart. Heath Ledger gives probably one of the greatest performances in the history of acting (pretty darn close) but the thing about this movie, was the horrible story between Rachel, Harvey, and Bruce. Horrible. Their chemistry on camera was so terrible. Also, beyond this film being excellently directed, well shot, and with incredible action scenes, it had the same effect Batman Returns did. It feels too depressing and not as hopefully as other Batman films. Of course Christian Bale kills Batman, but we already know that.

The Dark Knight

  1. The Dark Knight Rises: This movie is incredibly suspenseful, and the ending to his film is one of the most bone chilling, goosebumps generating endings I have ever seen. Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Anne Hathaway MADE THIS MOVIE! They were such well-written characters by Nolan, but so well brought to life, and this film to me tied together everything we love. Action, suspense, plot twists. It was all there. It did however have a few plot holes here and there that kept it from being amazing… like how the hell he got from that hole to Gotham in like two hours. But the Bane and Batman fights made up for it.

The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Batman Begins: This film holds every great film-making technique, storytelling technique, and character development in a Batman film, with being THE MOST re-watchable of all the films due to it’s comic book like nature. This movie has the tone of what Batman comics are to me. This film we got to see him slowly evolve and become Batman and learn how to be him. Kind of like the fun of watching Spider-Man, realize who he is. I love Scarecrow, and the first fight with Batman and those mobsters is so badass I get chills! I could watch this movie over and over! The training scenes, Liam Neeson, the Element of Fear, it all fell perfectly together to make an amazing Batman film that had me the entire time!

Batman Begins Movie Poster

I hope you guys enjoyed! Don't forget DON'T HATE on me or anyone in the comments, and tell me what are your favorites from 7-1!