Twisted tales of horror continue in Puppet Master: The Wooden Boy

Film and comics collide in THE WOODEN BOY as the Puppets go toe-to-toe with the human-sized doll, Camille! This trade paperback collects issues 8-11 of the ongoing series. For nearly twenty years a life-sized puppet has tormented the children of the Bouldeston Institute for Mentally Troubled Tots and Teens. When her scare tactics escalate to murder, a young patient named Anthony seeks out the Puppets hoping they can stop their former Master's rampage. Things, however, are never as simple as they seem. An original story based on Full Moon Entertainment’s cult classic film series PUPPET MASTER! PUPPET MASTER: WOODEN BOY TPB can be enjoyed by fans of the films as well as fans of the ghastly world of horror. You don’t even need to have read previous issues of PUPPET MASTER to appreciate this story arc.

The series is written by Shawn Gabborin (FRACTURE), who creates an intense story filled with mystery and mayhem... lots and lots of mayhem! He’s joined by artist Antonio Ontiveros and colorist Dan Olvera, who both bring Blade, Leech Woman, Pinhead and many other puppets to life with their artwork.

Eric Shea of Weird Science said “Shawn Gabborin does a fantastic job in blending his stories with what's come before and with incredible art all the way through, this continues to be the best place to continue the Puppet Master fun that started from the film series.” and Nat Behmer of Wicked Horror said “I’ve been intrigued a lot by this third arc because it’s never been entirely clear exactly what was going on—in a good way—but everything comes to a head in this issue with stunning results. No pun intended, but Puppet Master (#11) just kills it.”

This story adds to the mythology of the PUPPET MASTER series in many ways and will leave you with questions you’re dying to know the answers to. Root for Anthony, who has some mysteries of his own, as he navigates his way through the halls of Bouldeston Institute for Mentally Troubled Tots and Teens.

PUPPET MASTER: THE WODDEN BOY is available for pre-order at your local comics chop (Diamond Order code: APR16 1144) and hits shelves in June.

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