Visionbooks Expands Its Library With Additional Comics In Multiple Languages

Visionbooks has widen its collaboration with several comic publishers such as Valiant Entertainment, Aspen Comics, Top Cow Productions and Arcana Comics among others, and will be presenting additional titles in a static format and multiple languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French and Japanese.Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, Shadowman, Jirni, Lola XOXO, Cyberforce, IX Generation and Howard Lovecraft are just few of the series that will be released on the Visionbooks platform.

The two co-founders of Visionbooks, Francesco Scrufari and Simone Offredo are very pleased with this new opportunity:

“It is important for us to widen our library as well as to present our content in several languages.  We have received many requests in this regard and we look forward to give the opportunity to comics aficionados all over the world to read digital comics in their native languages” says Francesco.

“Our animation technology will remain at the core of our offering, but at the same time we want to expand our library.  I am glad our publisher partners shared our vision and gave us this opportunity” adds Simone.

Visionbooks revolutionizes comic book reading by transforming two-dimensional comic books into a 3D digital animation experience. By combining traditional comics with cutting-edge technology, Visionbooks creates a reading experience with special effects enhancements you would normally expect from blockbuster movies.