Watch The First WWE 2K15 Official Gameplay Trailer

Well it's easy to say that WWE 2k looks better grapically...well because, duh. The action does come off a little slow but that could be due to the editing of the trailer. Meh, it's really whatever because I already bought it. Oh and don't forget Sting! Oh and I hope you love to "bawitdaba Bawitdaba-da bang-da-bang-diggy-diggy-diggy, Said the boogie-said up jump the boogie Bawitdaba-da bang-da-dang-diggy-diggy-diggy Said the boogie-said up drop the boogie" because that's what you're getting.

Oh and don't forget:

Next-generation console release date for WWE 2K15 of November 18, 2014 in North America and November 21, 2014 internationally for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 date remains unchanged and will remain October 28, 2014 in North America and October 31, 2014 internationally.