Web Comic of the Week: Bob the Squirrel

Article by: Neil Rodriguez As we embark in our first ever inside the Web Comic Studios, we must remember the impact that digital comics have made on this generation. Today, we highlight one of these achievements: Bob the Squirrel. Bob had his humble beginnings in the fall of 2001 outside the window of creator, Frank Page.  “What I saw was a squirrel—kinda like when Bruce Wayne was trying to decide on what he should be and that pesky little bat came flying through his window “said Frank Page of Bob the Squirrel. At that moment, he knew what his life calling would be: a cartoonist with a unique eye to point the truth behind life, comics, and the web.

Observe in this excerpt how Bob the Squirrel provides his wit and humor to this situation. This is truly a master of Frank Page’s craft.

The Art behind Bob Squirrel can be described as an old school newspaper comic strip.  A combination of black and white color and cartoony style that the old readers of comics can truly appreciate, this strip can be consider a nice treat for the old school of comic book readers to have daily.

All jokes aside, we hope you have enjoyed our first installment of Inside the Web Comic Studios.  Check out this web comic.  It is super funny, it has witty comments and what’s best, and the daily comic strip is free!  While you are at it, support Mr. Page’s website by buying some of his Bob the Squirrel merchandise.   Come on, who doesn’t like squirrels. I know I do.   Here is the web link to the comic strip http://www.bobthesquirrel.com/. Enjoy!