We're Still Experiencing Technical Difficulties, But At Least We Know Who To Blame

Yesterday our pictures stopped working and the site became bogged down. At first we thought it was some sort of attack on the site since we're good at pissing people off be it inadvertently or intentionally. It turns out it was just your friendly neighborhood spambot trying to post comments in a section that could never, ever have a comment.

Now while this is still currently a problem, at least we know what's going on and can say that it's safe to visit the site. In fact it's always been safe to visit the site since you were never at risk of anything. At the very least you were making our problem bigger and I'm okay with that. In the meantime a lot of you said, "I don't need no stinking pictures" and visited the site, read the reviews and posted comments. Damnit if that wasn't the silver lining in all of this. Thank you for that, thank you for visiting and sticking around. Hopefully we'll be back in tip top shape with our Beach Body and shit real soon. Especially since there's now a bunch of hidden pictures that you can't see waiting for you.


Sir Comic Bastardly the First (Hater of all Spambots)