West Coast FCBD Gets Rowdy With Two Separate Police Incidents


Well it looks like Free Comic Book Day didn't quite go off without a hitch at two shops. The first being closer to me and happening at Golden Apple off of Melrose.  A woman driving a yellow jeep being pursued by the cops stopped the jeep in front of Golden Apple and made for the door. Owner Ryan Liebowitz saw this and bolted for the door to block her access. He later said that he instinctively stopped her because it looked like a crazy person. The police handled the woman, but Liebowitz said in the Golden Apple news letter that a woman dressed like Wonder Woman helped move people out of harms way! Good job WW.

At another FCBD in Portland, outside of Coast City Comics, a man named Adam Barnes decide that he was tired of the played out Ghostbuster and Stormtrooper costumes and he was going to do something about it... not really! Actually what happened was that Barnes was drunk at 2:30 in the afternoon and randomly decided to start shit with a man dressed as a Ghostbuster by pushing him to the ground and then moving on to a guy dressed as a Stormtrooper. The Stormtrooper (Owen Wood) said he thought it was a friend grabbing him at first until he was suddenly choked, had his helmet knocked off and then punched in the face. Barnes then had an electric stun gun used on him by police and was quoted as saying, "You'll never find the base Imperial dog..." okay he didn't say that because he was drunk and again this was completely random according to the police. Barnes' bail was set at a meager $1,500, but has about seven charges against him including threatening five police officers. Wood still went to FCBD because that's what we nerds do, we fucking do the things we set out to do in the first place regardless of drunk assholes. Hold your head up Owen Wood, you made us nerds proud!