Wizard World Chicago - Day 1

Now since today was the first official day of Wizard World Chicago, we, as exhibitors, had to have our setup completely done before the 3:00pm deadline so that the staff could open the doors to the public. And let me tell you, once the public started through the doors it didn’t really let up until the intercoms started yelling at everyone to leave. This was a busy day for only having five hours allotted on the exhibitor floor. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us on every level. Everything today was pretty awesome, but I’ve been told that this was only the beginning for one of two reasons. It isn’t a full day, and not as many people have four day passes. This weekend is going to be nuts apparently. IMG_20140821_162806 But folks, since this was the first official day of Wizard World Chicago, I promise that the content will get a ton better. Here’s a quick list of what I have planned for the rest of the con and beyond:

- Interview with Neal Adams - Friday Coverage - Saturday Coverage - Sunday Coverage - Wizard World Exclusive Cosplay Photos - And hopefully a quick post-con interview with the crew at Heroes and Games

IMG_20140821_130243 I will be completely honest with you though, the photos today had a lot more meat on them. This was definitely a sight to see. It wasn’t anything like yesterday when that looked like the elephant graveyard from Lion King. It really did, indeed look like the place where all of the elephants go to die. And I have to admit that even these photos aren’t that impressive. For the next few days there won’t be any gaps in these lanes.

IMG_20140821_130528 There is an obvious difference in today’s and yesterday’s look in the convention center. The cosplayers were out, the exhibitors resembled shops in an old desert bazar, and the foot traffic was so loud that it made it a little hard to think at times. Fortunately for those involved in the retail comics business, that is music to their ears.

IMG_20140821_164222 These right up here are just two of the hardworking men running the Heroes and Games booth. If you’re at the con, you really need to stop by and see them. They have more dollar books than I have ever seen, and some of the coolest collectibles in the best condition. Plus, their top racks are full of some pretty rare finds. While I’m working the booth, I find it very hard to stay focused on the customers when I am surrounded by all of the amazing art and history that is within my grasp. I say it like it’s a bad thing, but this has been a great experience so far. I’m at what is turning out to be a great con with some of the coolest people on the planet.

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Tune in for more coverage. And if there is anything that you’d like to see, drop me a line.