Wizard World Chicago - Day 3 and 4

So here’s what happened, folks. Remember when I mentioned how busy Saturdays were at cons? Turns out that I was totally right about that. The Heroes and Games booth was rocking it all day! I don’t think that I had a chance to sit down until dinner time, which was around 9pm. So if you were wondering where the day 3 recap was, wonder no more. There wasn’t one. Until now. Have your feet ever hurt so much that you thought that you were going to lose the ability to stand, and that someone was going to have to “trust” catch you if you were going to avoid a coma? Well mine did. Luckily, I was able to push through the pain and obtain as much cool content for CB and you guys as possible.

So what I’m going to do for you is combine Saturday and Sunday into one post. That way you’ll all get a huge dose of the Wizard World Chicago experience. So first off, some pics:

Days 3 and 4 were more exciting for the Heroes and Games booth, than they were for the con alone. They had some huge sales, and had some awesome industry people stop by. That’s why these cons are so terrific, you never really know how the weekend is going to go. It was pretty much like this the whole time:

The $1 book stacks that people were picking up were ridiculous. And people weren’t picking up one stack, they were picking up two and three stacks.

But if you’re into the more pricey comics, they managed to sell a copy of Incredible Hulk #181. And the significance of that book is pretty well-known. But if you’re unaware, that was the first appearance of Wolverine.

First Appearance of Wolverine

And since his popularity has only continued to rise, that book’s price tag only gets bigger. So congrats to the team at Heroes and Games.

IMG_20140824_122629 But if you’re wondering where more cosplay is, I got you.

Even Deadpool needs to update Facebook during the show.

Now I’m going to change gears for just a second and talk about me. I’ll make it quick, I promise, but this has to get out there. I was able to obtain a book that I’ve been looking for for a very long time. Let me be more specific, I was looking for an affordable copy for a very long time. On a more important note however, I was also able to obtain an autograph by a certain comics legend, Mr. Stan “The Man” Lee. Let me show you:

Now I don’t know if any of you out there care about this book like I do, but I thought that I had died and gone to heaven, or maybe just the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con!!! Now my good friend and owner of Heroes and Games (a man who I trust completely) graded this at around a 9.4 to 9.6. So if I wasn’t happy when I saw the book, I was definitely happy when I saw the condition. So another shout out to the man! Thanks again, Doug.

Ok, so enough about me. Let me think if there was anything else going on that you guys would want to know about… Oh yeah, the size of this slice of pizza:

Erik WWC Pizza Now keep in mind, this isn’t my last post. I still have that interview of Neal Adams to submit, so you’ll be getting to hear how Neal feels about comics, and where they are going. I have to admit, the man had some extremely interesting things to say about the industry. Plus, I’m going to upload all of the cosplay pics from the whole weekend and just pour them all on you at once in a single post. Everyone loves cosplay.

But I’m going to cut you off there. I hope that I had built up a sense of curiosity for you guys. I’d like for this to feel like a cliffhanger.

But overall, now that the con is over, I can see why people get into this so much. You’re completely allowed to leave your real lives behind and be who and what you want to be at these shows. Everyone needs a break from reality now and again. I hope that if you haven’t had a chance to get to a con yet that you do sometime soon. But a word of warning, you’re going to spend money whether you want to or not. Make sure that you save enough beforehand to satisfy your every want or need. Whether you’re just looking for back issues to fill holes in your collection, or the gem that will bring your life meaning. Don’t let yourself leave unsatisfied.

Alright, folks, until next time.