Woman Dressed As She-Hulk, Hulks The Fuck Out in The U.K.


Oh U.K. how we love you and your dedication to superheroes. If you're not dressing as Batman and turning your friends in for questioning (only to be arrested yourself weeks later), then you're dressing like She-Hulk and beating people up. I wasn't aware that beating someone up was so uncommon or police worthy in the U.K., but I guess if you're dressed like the Hulk's cousin people give a shit. The point, since you've been waiting, is that a woman dressed as She-Hulk beat the shit out of another girl outside of a McDonald's at 3 am. Now they're looking for her! What's even better, is that the news station recreated the events with CG and it's awesome! Video after the jump and note that the reporter says Hulk, but really come on... we know it's She-Hulk.