Worst of 2014: Great Cover, But The Issue Sucked

While the end of the year is usually all about the good, we here at Comic Bastards like to also remember... well the worst of year as well. That's right, we've given you the best and handed out our cuts, but now we're handing out golden eggs to our worst picks of 2014. Why a golden egg? Well take a look at the big ass eagle logo on the side and you can put the pieces together. Now let's dive into our first category: Great Cover, But The Issue Sucked

Andre - Death of Wolverine #4

I wasn't surprised that it sucked because the previous one did as well. Anger had already dissipated by this point, leaving me with only disappointment.

James - Death of Wolverine #4

I completely dug on Steve McNiven's art all the way through, but the most awesome art in the world couldn't have saved this stinker of an event.

Austin - Low #1

"Sucked" might be a strong word because Tocchini's art is stunning, but the whole issue is sort of a mess.  Where Tocchini's art is great to look at, it makes the events of this issue really hard to follow at times.  When it's easy to follow the comic, it takes way too long to get off of a scene.  I get it, the married couple is married and has a bedroom and they talk about their kids when they aren't around.  I don't need six pages of that.

Nick - AXIS #4

Didn't even have that good of a cover (though I think it was Kubert), but ho-lee JESUS that issue was a piece of bonkers-nuts lazy-ass writing.

David - All-New X-Factor #1

I really liked the eye-catching use of bright colors on this cover, and the "sponsored by Serval Industries" bit at the bottom was a nice touch. Sadly not only was the artwork inside not quite as good, but also Peter David's writing felt formulaic and pretty bland. Such a shame, because I was really looking forward to this series, and I know Peter David is capable of so much more.

Neil - Red Lanterns #29

I loved the idea of Super Girl as a Red Lantern but it didn't really work.

Dustin - Silver Surfer #1

I wish that I could write Death of Wolverine, but I hated all of the covers. They were garbage and so I went with another title... Silver Surfer #1. I love Mike Allred's art, but this issue stunk to high hell. Pretty to look at and nothing more. If I want a Doctor Who knock off... well I don't want that so yeah... stunk.

Samantha - Trees #1

Love the cover, but the story was so complex it lost me before I even got started.

Jeff - Nowhere Man #1

You didn't read it. It's not the Image one.

Carl - Any Zenescope soft core book.

T&A on the cover, poop on the inside.  Every.  Damn.  Book.