Worst of 2015: Worst Thing That 2015 Will Be Remembered For?

In our opinion you can't have a "Best of" list without the "Worst of" to go with it. Welcome to our worst picks of 2015. Think of it like the Razzies for comics. Each writer will make their own pick so sit back enjoy "Worst Thing That 2015 Will Be Remembered For?"


STEVE: The Rise and Fall of Marvel

Secret Wars was, at very least, largely interesting, though many of its tie-ins were lackluster. Still, the lead-up to it and initial launch of the main series were great to see unfold. Unfortunately, the aftermath has been a shambles with, as Asa points out, a sad meander into a library of titles with only one or two points of light. This is the least interested I have been in Marvel in years, which as pretty much anyone who visits the site knows, is saying a lot.

DUSTIN: Marvel's Constant Reboots Actually Gaining Sales

Who would have thought that it was that easy to dominate the comic industry? Just goes to show that you shouldn't have anything last longer than twelve issues! Wait, what issue is The Walking Dead on? Well fuck, it works for Marvel!!

Star Wars Rebel Heist #4 copy

CHRIS: Star Wars Taken from Dark Horse

It wasn't until late December when I finally realized that Marvel was not only taking over duties from Dark Horse but reselling all of their old comics as their own. Quite unfortunate for Dark Horse who put their heart and soul into Star Wars comics for years, while Marvel just slaps a new label on them and makes a quick buck. Regardless of how good they may or may not be, I'll miss Dark Horse's Star Wars comics, it's the end of an era.

JAMES: Star Wars Oversaturation

God, I love Star Wars. I saw Episode IV twenty seven times at the theatre when I was a kid. I had every figure, card, playset and even the original Marvel Comics that were around back in the day. Dark Horse had done a fine job with the franchise through the years and I was happy to see Marvel's triumphant return. There have been some decent issues. But DAMN!!! Enough with cramming everything Star Wars down our throats. Yes I am looking forward to The Force Awakens but I can truly do without the heavy promotion of comics, toys, cartoons, and other product placements. Enough already!!!


ASA: The Big Two Have The Same Summer Crossover

Somehow both Marvel and DC thought it was a good idea to have a summer crossover where all their timelines and alternate worlds crashed in on one another. I suppose in some way that has been DC's territory since 1985, but thirty years later there was little debate about who did it better. Even so, while Marvel won in quality, DC took the prize in brevity, finishing their event very quickly while Secret Wars has no end in site (seriously, I was supposed to get my trade of Secret Wars last month, and idea which now seems laughable). Either way 2015 will always be the year superhero fans were quite literally unable to avoid getting caught up in a massive, world shattering event and that was truly unfortunate.

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