WTF Review: Bad Girls Club

Do you remember when you first saw the Suicide Girls comic and thought,” My God, what in the Hell is that? How did a bunch of tatted wanna be burlesque chicks become a group of super spies?” It sucked right? Well take that thought and amp that shit up to eleven because it’s time to join The Bad Girls Club!

The only thing I was able to figure out from this is that these women come from all around the Continental United States, all States with major cites that is. Then they all convene in a lush mansion to prove who the biggest and sassiest whore is, stereotype Bad Girl is! After the girls get all dolled up to go and smash at duh club they say the phrase “This Is off the hook” about a billion times.
The night starts off smoothly until the girls hit their first “Oh Snap” moment! Shit gets real because the Diamond Skulls Girls run up in the club and start to raise some hell! But that’s cool because the girls all have super powers to fight it out at the club…classy.
That’s it, I tried to read this entire book but in the middle of this wonder turd that is The Bad Girls Club: The Comic, my head exploded.  I just wanted to “Live out Loud” and now I have brain damage. Thanks IDW!
Score: WTF?!
Writer: Sean Taylor
Artist: Martheus Wade
Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99