You've Been Chosen: Impact Teaser

Do you remember the "Nightmare" trailer that BioWare released about a week or so ago? Well it looks like they've done it again with their latest one dubbed "Impact".

Look I'm all in for this, especially if it's a new IP. I know people pissed and moaned about BioWare due to Mass Effect 3's ending. The company also picked up some extra heat by teaming with EA. But if  people don't like it then don't buy it. If you want to know the real truth, Mass Effect 3 as a whole wasn't very good. Sure it was fun to play but the over narrative, characters and universe had all run its course. Not to get into a rant about ME 3 but BioWare's track record has far more good moments/games than bad. In short, whatever this is, I'm all in.Unless it sucks.

The company said that it will have more information at this year's GamesCon in Cologne, Germany.