E3 2015: Goliath

It wasn’t until the end of the E3 presentation that I learned that Goliath was going to be a PC downloadable and that it was only going to be $14.99. I kind of paused when I heard that number because the game I had just watched looked like a full retail game and definitely had enough gameplay to back it. If by the end of this your even remotely interested in Goliath, just pre-order it or buy it when it comes out because that price is insanely affordable for what you’re going to get. The premise is that you’re a kid (you pick your gender) that’s been transported to another world filled with different creatures. You must build Goliath’s in order to survive and progress through the story. There are different fractions that control different areas of the world and they’ll give you missions and such to progress. Though if you take a mission that goes against another clan they may not give you any more missions. That’s the basic idea, build Goliath’s to which there are five total with different variations.

As for the gameplay there’s a lot to do. I mean this game just has a ton to keep you busy and interested. You’ll start by gathering things to combine them to build other things. This is basically something you must do throughout the game in order to build bigger and better items and of course Goliaths. You’ll also build a campsite and then eventually a fort. Something that I found interesting was that you could bring animals back to your fort and have them live there. It’s cool because why not, but it also shows that you don’t need to kill everything in a game.

Once you’ve built a Goliath you can fight bigger enemies and take on other missions of course. The first is a wood Goliath which moves quickly, but can’t take as much damage. The interesting thing about battle though is that some enemies won’t chase you or pay attention to you if you’re human so you can jump out and basically “destroy” your Goliath to move past them unopposed. You can also jump out and let your Goliath auto-battle while you lay down minds and help in your human form. The auto-battle won’t use any specials though so that’s something to keep in mind for your strategy.

You can also play with friends and much like Borderlands if you finish a story mission in a friend’s game it carries over to yours. But here’s the catch, you can also complete different missions because the worlds are randomly generated when you start a new game. Meaning the likelihood of you and your friend having the same load out is very unlikely. It really sounded like you can play this game a lot and would need to in order to get all the different missions and storylines completed which gives it great replay value.

The art design is wonderful and really great to look at. It’s kind of cartoonish almost cell-shaded looking, but it didn’t make it look like it was for kids. It just had a warm and friendly art style. For E3 they showed off the different landscapes and weather that the game would have and they’re all stylized and cool looking.

Goliath is going to launch on the PC basically meaning Steam either later this year or next. It’s been a long week so I don’t quite remember when it’s releasing exactly, but again for $14.99 you’re going to want to check this game out.