Review: Bananya E.02

Oh. My. Gosh. There is more than one banana-kitty hybrid, four to be exact. Bananya number two, three, four, five, etc. have officially entered the building (or kitchen to be exact). In this episode, the narrator (that's right there is one, but I have no idea who it is) introduces the four bananyas. Honestly, I was just going to refer to them as Bananya one, two, three, and four, etc. but I guess that would be a little mean. However, technically as a bananya is not strictly an animal (it lives in a banana peel), it wouldn't be that cruel or far-fetched. BananyaOkay, moving onto the names now. I just have to point something out here; I would have most likely referred to the bananya's by colour, if not numbers, so I'm a little disappointed that the creators chose to name one of the bananya's Black Bananya. Really? Where is the creativity? I guess it's not all bad, though; Tabby and Banankyo (everybody's Madonna) are pretty um unique. Banankyo or Maddonya (the only female bananya) is hilarious; she is aloof, cute and maybe a little stuck up. Tabby, on the other hand, is so sweet; it's so obvious how infatuated he is with Banankyo.

Oh but wait, Tabby's younger brother known as Mackerel Tabby, might just take the prize for the sweetest bananya. Then there's Prince Charming or Long-haired Bananya, who seems completely oblivious to everything around him because he is too concerned with grooming himself (I think someone might love themselves a little too much). Ha but it doesn't seem to stop Banankyo from liking him (poor thing needs to get her eyes checked).

Next in the line-up is Bananya Bunch... Baby Bananya (too cute) and Daddy Bananya (which means glasses; no dad is complete without his glasses).

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Bananya E.02