Review: Bonobono E.22

Recently I've been watching anime shows that have a short running time for a change. So far I've actually enjoyed the seemingly brief yet funny and immersive narratives. However today I was reminded as to why I was so hesitant to view these type of shows in the first place. Urgh...It gives me a headache just thinking about it. Perhaps I'm being too judgmental; I've only watched one episode and it just so happens that the episode I watched was the most recent; maybe if I go back and watch the previous episodes I may come to realise that I like this show.  I don't know. Watching this episode was like watching paint dry. I don't think it helped that the main character had a monotone voice. BonobonoI may not have mentioned this earlier, but I approached this anime without any prior knowledge about the story or its characters, so I can't really say that I had any particular expectations. I had a suspicion that it would be funny to some extent, but that was about it. However, only seconds into the episode I found myself trying to identify what species the blue character was and kept ruminating on why the chipmunk didn't look like a chipmunk; I was so distracted by these things that I lost track of what was actually going on in the episode.

I'm not entirely sure how to explain what happened in this episode, so I do apologise in advance. In this episode, the blue talking animal (which I later found out was a sea otter) goes searching for the rock he hid a while back. He digs around, finding snakeskin and crab pincers that his raccoon friend turned into a scarf fad and a walnut from the time his chipmunk friend suggested that walking around with a walnut in your mouth would make you look cool. In an effort to locate his (almost human-shaped) rock named Peijin, he turns to his dad - who surprise, surprise also has the same flat-toned voice as his son. Unfortunately, papa otter turns out to be pretty useless in the search. Afterwards, the main otter (sorry I don't know his name) starts writing memos everywhere, and by this point, I had lost complete interest.

I didn't really get this anime, so as much as it bored me to tears, I endeavour to watch the first episode in the hope of proving my first judgements wrong.

[su_box title="Score: 2/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Bonobono E.22