Review: Gotham 1.17 - Red Hood

Holy Shit, did I really just enjoy a whole episode of Gotham? This might be the first time I finished an episode and actually wanted another. James Gordon and The Red Hood Gang

This story-line is absolutely ridiculous and I loved it. A crew of bank thieves become enamored with a red sock with holes in it. They become superstitious about the hood and kill each other to be the one who gets to wear it. Eventually they all get killed, James picks up the hood and instead of shoving it in his pocket drops it on the floor. Where it teleports and gets picked up by a kid and DA-da-da there's our next Red Hood. Hilarious. The hood must be magical and in a future episode I'm sure (heavy sarcasm) we'll find out it's origins.

Loved the bit where Gordon asks Bullock "You see that?", then Bullock says "No, you took my glasses."

Gotham 1.17 Red Hood

Bruce Wayne

Alfred's old friend turns up and Bruce Wayne allows him to stay. This creepy old weirdo see's Bruce training and lets Bruce punch him in the face numerous times, good way to pay rent I guess. Obviously this guy who turns up out of thin air has an ulterior motive and it's not to steal the silver-ware. He is in fact working for the board at Wayne Inc that Bruce accused last week.

Fish Mooney

Fish finds out it's not just eyes they take in the mansion basement prison. Although that is what they want from her. Finally Gotham does some show instead of tell, Fish grabs a spoon and digs out her own eye than stamps on it so they can't use them. Awesome.


Now penguin is running a comedy club. He has no alcohol because of his beef with Maroni. He attempts to steal some from Maroni's warehouse, good long-term business strategy (again Penguin not so smart yet). Butch is one step ahead and uses the corrupt cops to shake down the warehouse.

Barbara Kean and her teenage house guests

Barbara likes having young girls stay in her house. She just wants some friends to play dress up with. Future-Catwoman rejects getting tarted up, pointing out that it's hardly working for Barbara.

Score: 4/5

Gotham 1.17 - Red Hood