Review:  Hatsukoi Monster E.03 - "It's My First"

Hatsukoi Monster is unlike any anime that has ever aired. The narrative centres around a high school girl named Kaho and her relationship with the very naive, innocent yet (occasionally) mature primary schooler Kanada.  While the anime itself appears unique and original, it shares many similarities with the shoujo romance manga Dear Mine, which focuses on the relationship between the placid and mild mannered female protagonist Satoko and her future husband to be, Fuuma, who happens to be an extremely intelligent and sophisticated 10-year-old boy. Fortunately, Kaho and Kanada have their own idiosyncrasies and don't appear to be entirely based on the characters Satoko and Fuuma; with Kaho being more open minded and accepting of Kanada, despite his age, and Kanada acting in accordance with his age more often as opposed to Fuuma, who simply acts like a grown up the vast majority of the time. Casting the plot line aside, the episodes so far have been interesting to say the least. Episode three did not disappoint. As the title 'it's my first' suggested, the episode featured a number of 'firsts' Hatsukoi Monster Promo Imagefor the couple, as well as a surprising piece of news to end it all. While the couple's 'first' date was foreseeable due to nature of the show and the characterisation of Kanada, it was fairly cute and comical. The duo first visited a park where they (surprise, surprise) build a sand castle, before enjoying a rather couple-like moment after making a tunnel at both ends.

The next "mission" included a trip to a popular snack store, frequented by Kanada's friends. However, when during the visit Kanada gets partially distracted by his friends, and is reminded by the words of the tenant Arashi, not to leave your girlfriend alone on a date, he quickly exits the game he's playing with his friends, and rather dramatically leaves with Kaho onto the next "mission".

The remainder of the date proceeds smoothly with the couple sharing some more sweet moments, but ends not merely with a chaste kiss on the cheek by Kaho, prompted by Kanada, but a very daring kiss on the lips by the young albeit mature looking Kanada. Kaho and Kanada's kiss does not go unnoticed by one tenant in particular, Shinohara, who we learn has feelings for Kaho.

Shocking, no? I certainly didn't see it coming. It should be interesting to see how the rest of the story unfolds after these interesting developments.

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Hatsukoi Monster E.03