Review: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 1.18 - The Frenemy of My Enemy

I was really backlogged on TV and Agents of SHIELD has been fairly low on my list of things to catch up on. But I'm glad I gave it a break, as it's nice to watch it in big chunks. Now successfully caught up I can tell you that this episode was a lot of fun. I knew I was going to enjoy it when Coulson calls Ward on his 'girlfriends' phone and calls him sweetie. There was a lot to like in this episode. I like Coulson being on the run and proving that he's a good guy when the rest of SHIELD is trying to catch him. It's a nice little shift in the slightly monotonous show. It also allows for some great misunderstandings.

The return of Ward, I know he's been hanging around in the background but this is the first episode he's had a lot to do. It allowed for a lot of cross purposes and miscommunication. I loved his interaction with Fitz.

Agents of Shield 1.18

Daddy's Day Out. Skye takes her Super-Psycho-Daddy out and plans to leave him at the behest of her mother (who she seems to of taken to her very quickly). This was the first time I actually liked Cal, who up to this point has been a bit weird.

Mike Peterson as Deathlok. It's nice to see him back even if his acting was slightly more robotic than feels necessary. I'm not 100% sold on the Inhumans in the show just yet. But I did enjoy the line 'oh yeah and I'm the hulk'.

It's a shame they didn't string out the whole Coulson looks to be working with Ward and therefore Hydra. That and the long daddy day out scenes were the only weak points for me. All in all it was well executed and kept me entertained.

Score: 4/5

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