Review: Ozmafia!! E.04

The female albeit masculine sounding Don (top mafioso) of Famiglia Adelheid, Heidi (another Ozmafia in-game character) takes centre stage this episode as the cafeteria lady of Oz Academy. In the original plot line, Heidi runs her own dairy farm with cheese as her best-selling product and acts like a sister to the heroine (whose name is malleable). Heidi, in this episode, is undeniably an identical copy of her in-game persona. She is loud and overbearing, not to mention overflowing with boundless confidence that borderlines arrogance. Despite her umm minor character faults, she's not one to withhold help from someone who is in need of it. This is particularly apparent when we see her give Scarlet back the money he forgot, presumably after paying for his lunch. That small gesture and her words of caution “to be careful” depicts Heidi as a caring sister figure. Until her attention is quickly stolen by So-kyon?

OzmafiaBut the curtain does not fall there, because next up to make another appearance is the ever so tsundere, Caeser. After Heidi says her goodbyes, Scarlet finds an empty seat, which just so happens to face Caeser, in the dining hall. Almost immediately Scarlet (also known as Little Red; check out the Ozmafia game to find out what I mean) begins to back away while apologising to Caeser (also known as Ookami or the wolf) but is stopped midway by Caeser who gives him permission to sit with him.

Heidi interrupts Scarlet's lunch with Caeser by telling Caeser off for not eating his vegetables. She argues that he is disrespecting her as the "big sister" of the cafeteria, to which Caeser responds with "Big sister? Don't make me laugh, you hag."

Hahaha, charming Caeser.

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