Review: Black/White Anthology

This won’t be a traditional review as far as I’m concerned. The main reason is because this isn’t a traditional book. By the end of this brilliantly put together collection, my first thought was that “this needs to be on everyone’s shelf.” And that isn’t an understatement. The talent on this anthology comes from all over the world, and it shows. Black/White doesn’t just tell interesting stories, but the way that everything is literally put together makes it something that I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing before. Whether you own it for its original content, or because of how its presence automatically improves the feng shui of the room, this is something that can’t be excluded from any enthusiast’s collection. Collecting all kinds of genres from crime to post-apocalyptic dystopia. Of course the main theme is Noir, but that is merely the overlapping format in which these stories are told.

BLACK-WHITE comic COVERVery similar to Tales to Admonish, this is a collection of very short stories. Perfect for those of us who don’t have large amounts of time to devote to very long, and sometimes painfully in-depth arcs that very rarely pay off in the way that we believe they should. But now that I’ve sold you on it, I would pay attention to these folks in the future. The rogue gallery on this book consists of Drezz Rodriguez, Michael Grills, Nathan St. John, Andrew Chiu, Marcos Vergara, Andrez Bergen, and Matt Kyme. I say “rogue gallery” because I am convinced that we will be seeing these names for a long time to come. Black/White just goes to show you how amazing this industry really is. Where else is there this kind of proof that the creation of art is a worldwide collaboration?

Get in touch with these guys as soon as you can. You can’t afford to let a book like this escape your grasp. I jumped on it the second that I could, and I suggest that you do too.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Andrez Bergen Artists: Various Publisher: If? Commix Price: $1.00 (Digital) Website