Review: Ghosted #7

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North Ghosts have a hard-on for Jackson Winters. Those fuckers just won’t leave him alone.

Picking up where we left off Jackson Winters has been thrown into the fray again, this time to find the missing (and allegedly possessed-- go figure) grand-daughter of the super spookily named Wenona Blood Crow. Spirits appear, guts fly and we get a great dynamic between Jackson and the ill-fated Russian Anderson who will protect Winters from the grave but only until the circumstances for it are, “glorious”. Ha ha. This is an issue that doesn’t falter on balls, fun or creativity, and I’ve come to expect nothing less from this series.

Ghosted07covAction starts right off as Winters and his gang have a run-in with the demon fetishizing Brotherhood of the Closed Book. Turns out they may have the girl and are most likely doing super creepy black magic cult stuff to her or as it turns out actually, she’s just as happy as a clam doin’ her thang in a giant orgy and actually isn’t too down with being saved at all. Gunfire and knife-play are heavy here as are macho put downs and scantily clad debutantes and the whole book really just all around captures the same “super-natural kick-ass heist/espionage” niche really well all over again. I’m truly impressed with the consistency of quality of this comic. Were back into the thick of it again with Winters and a whole new zany set of circumstances and I feel just as raring to go for the material as ever before. Every issue of Ghosted just has a knack for feeling like a classic pulp adventure and so in that way it stays fun and fresh. This thing has a lot of ideas.

David Gianfelice kills on art that is ever solid, be it faces, action or “set pieces” the guy makes it all look pretty spiffy. Plus, the man draws a mean pissed off malevolent spirit. Miroslav Mrva uses colors to make sure that everything that should catch your eye, does.

This is a series that dives headlong into whatever suits it, regardless of how cray that thing seems. I mean, “Soviet ghost woman beheads pair of devil orgiers?” Sure why not? You know who says sure why not to an idea like that? A person with brass balls that’s who, a guy like Josh Williamson. Ghosted #7 is a blast, just like the six issues before it. If you don’t read Ghosted, do. If you’ve ever enjoyed Indiana Jones, Cowboy flicks or haunted houses you will enjoy this comic. If you don’t enjoy a single one of those things? The door is that way...

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: David Gianfelice Publisher: Image/Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 2/19/14