Review: Revelations #6

Damn I was looking forward to the end of Revelations since issue #1. The story kept diving into a diverse plot that anyone would love. Seeing the cover got me even more excited too. Damn again. The stain glass Lucy backdrop with Charlie looking up at Mary, it has definite power. I just knew then that Revelations had to wrap up with every detail being answered, with every character revealing their true self, and with some dramatic twist that have been running through the whole series. Charlie is heading home and you can’t blame the dude. His buddy is dead, his girl is dead, and the case is dead. He doesn’t want it anymore. We met up with Charlie and Marcel at the airport. I really hate Marcel. He can never just explain what the hell is going on. At first, he seemed like the only honest Cardinal the church had, but he has been turned. I just want him to blurt it out. Richleau’s murder must be solved. But then again the story isn’t even about Richleau, that is only the surface. Underneath there is Charlie and no one can talk him into walking out of that airport but himself. He is really the mystery that we want to see resolved. So he must turn to the one thing he has avoided his whole life; faith. The case isn’t dead after Charlie sees this. He can give it one last breath after all. He needs is to believe for it all to come together.

Revelations_06_cover copy 2Richleau’s death is still what Charlie seeks, but the picture has gotten bigger. The whole church is under Charlie’s investigation. He starts out not believing in the evidence, but a voice that Charlie keeps running into helps him to discover what he needs to start to believe in the evidence. It is all real. There are no lies. So how does an impossible case turn possible? That is for Charlie to find out. Toscianni has got to be the man with the answers though, and I think every reader is sure of that. You can’t say this man hasn’t been swift. He is crafty and in power now because of it. With a goal in mind, he keeps getting closer. Of course we don’t know what that goal is. Charlie starts and hopes to end this with Toscianni. There encounter isn’t what I expected. I don’t even know if it is what Charlie wanted.

The comic’s set up for this last issue is perfect. The story filters through current and past events when all is revealed. I don’t think you will guess the ending either. It has that same creepy vibe it had at the beginning. Each character comes together. I will say that I was surprised with how cool the meaning of the whole book had. Maybe some will take it as a meaning. Maybe some will take it as bullshit. For me, I still like to have that hope. I can’t say the same for Charlie, but faith does that to you.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Paul Jenkins Artist: Humberto Ramos Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/4/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital