Review: Samurai Jack #16

We have entered a new storyline with Samurai Jack called the "Master of Time, and I couldn’t be more excited. After last month’s conclusion, I was totally stoked about this series. Every issue had something to offer. The story was fun, the art was colorful, and like most readers, I was ready to kick some Aku butt. Of course, Jack did, so now I am ready for Jack to set up a real plan of getting out of this world. The sword thing didn’t work out last time around, but he really needs to get back to his own time. How long can he stay here and keep defeating Aku before he finally loses…? At first glance it seems that Jack has joined some sort of cult. There are groups of men, creatures, and animals all wearing the same red robe gathering in the courtyard. A big announcement is about to be made and I am thinking that Aku is going to make it. Instead we met a new player, although may not be new since I did just recently jump on this series, and his name is Master of SamuraiJack16-cvrTime. Obviously this makes perfect sense of why Jack is at this cult thingy. I don’t know the intentions of this group or why Master of Time needs followers, so I am quite interested in where this all takes us. I also think Jim Zub throws us a new character at the perfect time. We don’t see much of his character, but enough to make the reader curious. He looks like a huge dude and hides his identity. Although I love Aku, we needed another villain, just guessing he is going to be a villain, to give the story some juice.

What else gave this story some juice was the level of jokes. The last couple of issues were so serious, but now I feel like we are back into the comfort of the true Samurai Jack. For example just when you think the battle is over and all hope is lost, the highest guards tells the men to throw Jack in the trash, and he ends up in a dumpster and soon thereafter a place called “Da Dump.” It’s a classic Zub move that I didn’t realize I even missed.

I didn’t think that Samurai Jack could get better than the last story arc, but I think the Master of Time could give Aku a run for his money. With such a big following though, Jack is going to need some help to get past this cult. Even with his skills, he still needs someone. Someone who knows technology. This all leads to an unlikely partnership at the end, but you’ll have to pick up the issue to see who Jack chooses to work along side with. I can tell you this though; this pair will no doubt bring the action and the fun.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jim Zub Artist: Sergio Quijada Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/21/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital