Review: The Victories #10

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North In the conclusion of “Post Human” it all comes together and comes together beautifully. The Victories delivers and delivers powerfully and stylistically in the realm of total epic-ism that you expect from artist and writer/creator Michael Avon Oeming.

It all starts with a flashback to Faustus and his crime fighting partner who he pulls off a man he’s about to beat to death. When Master Mark, their leader, steps in his message boils down to this: “We don’t make the laws...we fill the gap between justice and crime.” This sets the scene for a clashing off values down the line as throughout the issue a modern day Faustus and his former partner butt heads over whether or not champions should just operate as extensions of man for the common good or if they could be more… gods and shepherds. This question is begged in real ways throughout the issue as a father reunited with his son by a costumed hero looks to the sky and asks for help from oppression and later in the issue in a sizzling conclusion that puts one unlikely hero in direct contact with the divine.

The Victories #10 CoverBut that’s not all that’s going on, not by far, as across the planet relics and ancient knowledge are being encountered. Massive six-breasted sphinxes are breathing fire out of mechanical heads in cities all over the world (this book never lets you forget it was written by Avon Oeming and I fucking love it) lending to it all are the man’s drawings who, naturally, work in perfect tandem with his storytelling.

It all points toward a series of big, intriguing questions: Who were the champions meant to be? Will they reject their supposed god-nature and step up as leaders in a reformed human race? Or embrace their ancient roles as god-kings/queens? Who is truly fit to rule us and who are the real angels?  Questions like this in lore are awesome and I applaud Avon Oeming for every scrap of succulent world building.

For all the answers it brings this event’s conclusion brings more questions, fortunately its creator is so good at delivering I’m more than happy to stay on the ride.

Score: 5/5

Writer/artist: Michael Avon Oeming Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/5/14