Review: V Wars #10

I really have to hand it to the writing in this comic. Jonathan Maberry has a way of intertwining this complex war in such a cool way. War brings so many sides, and Maberry doesn’t let any of those go to waste. He really tries to come from all angles with each new character. I keep thinking this vampire story will turn into a typical vampire story, but then I am pulled in again to all the characters and all their stories. I think I am officially hooked on V Wars. You should jump into this tale of Bloods and Beats. Diving into the actual story, we start with Lashonda and her boo. I like these two. I think most readers would agree. They are on Luther’s side, so that helps. They are very trigger happy though, unlike Luther, but I think the dynamic of the soldier and the activist plays well into the story. It balances out the politics with action. Anyway, these two are still trying to find this vampire gene screener. It is in the wrong hands, and nobody knows what Strega has planned with the machine… but it probably isn’t good. The duo are underground hunting for it. Every time this comic dives underground, it allows Alan Robinson’s art to really shine.

VWars10-cvrA 1-28-15Robinson is so good at action scenes. He gives just the right amount of gore and really excels at giving these characters animated faces. I don’t freak out when I see a head blown off, but it really does make you feel something for the characters. At one moment, Lashonda has to execute a man and although it isn’t shown, Robinson has a way to make it felt. Their movements look real. So Robinson gets to shine with the underground aspect. I also just love the way he depicts each vampire. Some look innocent, some look guilty, but they all look like they have this touch of evil in them. It is wonderful. I can see why the Beats don’t trust any of them. Their eyes give it away.

In Luther’s case, he doesn’t see much action this issue. So I can’t say much about his art. What I can talk about is his story a tad. Luther meets up with a new character that will hopefully bring some peace to this war, but as the readers know, it looks like peace is a long time away. It seems to me that almost everyone has their own agenda going on in the comic. Even though I like some characters I meet along the way, the only one I truly trust is Luther. Maybe because he is driven by his daughter, but still, he seems to be the only one who has a clear head and really is thinking about others. Although sometimes I feel like his plans have no hope.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jonathan Maberry Artist: Alan Robinson Colorist: Jay Fotos Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/28/2015 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital