Review: WWE Superstars #3

Well this is it! This is the “go home” issue for Super Genius’ WWE Superstars. In comic book lingo, this is the third release out of the four issue mini. Did I ever mention that comic book fans and wrestling fans are…never mind. When we last left Cena and Orton they were tied up together in the middle of nowhere courtesy of the Wyatt Family. As Cena and Orton remind each other that they are not friends, Cena comes up with an idea to escape just in time to come face to face with The Wyatts.

Across town, urban renegade C.M. Punk and Rey Misterio have taken a tip from Hornswoggle on the location of AJ Lee. When the boys hit the meat warehouse they run into a little surprise, Christen and Cesaro. It takes to some back massive up by the name of, the Great Khali to get the boys to their next lead that could revile the locating AJ.

WWE03-FINALMeanwhile Big Show and Kane are leaning on Del Rio now that a lot of leads are pointing to him. But then from out of nowhere, The Shield raid Del Rio’s place and extract him on some real Navy Seals shit. When Del Rio hooks up with the Bella’s to reveal AJ’s location they are all met with a big surprise.

That’s about as good as it gets without breaking kayfabe or giving away too much of the story. I will say that Foley and Riches have done a fair job of giving a good handful of superstars’ exposure. The more the story progresses the more the wrestler’s personality traits immerge. It’s mainly due to the fact that the narrative has become more focused and tight by pushing the main characters.

There are even a few decent action panels in this issue. Cena and Orton and the Wyatts do their thing. But the stand out had to be The Shield’s raid to grab Del Rio. Damn it was short but sweet, but I’m kind of a sucker for The Shield.

The story here is of course a slow burn and with the promise of a “battle royal” to end things could be a huge pay off is waiting in the wings.

I know you guys, “can’t see me” but one you should most definitely see Super Genius’ and their WWE Superstars comic.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Mick Foley w/ Shane Riches Artist: Alitha Martinez Publisher: Papercutz/Super Genius Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/19/14