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Review: Tyranny of the Muse #1

I kind of needed this book this week. I started part time work in a comic shop this year, and one of the creeping realizations that came with the job was realizing just how much the industry really does rely on blind nostalgia and collector baiting.
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Review: Argent Starr #1-2

I couldn't really describe Argent Star in any real detail. Its fluff, a bit overstuffed with too many characters and plotlines that I couldn't quite follow the action or motivations of the cast. The book is pretty pleased with its own coolness, even including a glossary of over a dozen alien slang words for you to consult if you want to decode some of the comic's dialogue.
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Mini-Reviews: Deadly Class #7, Shutter #6, The Strain: TNE #2, Savage Dragon #198 and More!

Big disclaimer here...Over the weekend, I was able to successfully prove Newton's Theory of Motion as my action of slipping while getting out of the shower had an equal and opposite reaction (I smashed the back of my head on a toilet). As I laid there, partially conscience, staring at the ceiling and pondering my predicament, a sudden thought occurred to me that I had a metric shit ton of reviews to do that I might be unable to do. What to do? Yes, "do" seemed to reverberate around my head for some reason.



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WWE 2K15 gameplay trailer 09222014
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Watch The First WWE 2K15 Official Gameplay Trailer

Well it’s easy to say that WWE 2k looks better grapically…well because, duh. The action does come off a little slow but that could be due to the editing of the trailer. Meh, it’s really whatever because I already bought it. Oh and don’t forget Sting! Oh and I hope you love to “bawitdaba Bawitdaba-da bang-da-bang-diggy-diggy-diggy, Said the boogie-said up […]