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If the measure of a good book is it making you feel something, and uncomfortable is a feeling, then this issue did something very right. Unfortunately it was because of the very heavy rape implication. This issue jumps between the past and the present, showing us the weak Maddie she used to be and the […]


Postal is not my kind of comic. Crime books, detective fiction and stories about small-town Americana, however skewed, aren’t usually my bag. To quote The Barenaked Ladies (that’s still a relevant cultural reference, right?), it’s all been done. And it’s all been done boringly. So it’s a testament to the strength of this book’s creative […]


Mayday’s second issue doesn’t quite get away from the things that I had an issue with last time. In fact, this time around, it chooses to highlight a lot of those things and really lean into them, which is an interesting disconnect for me as a reviewer–I want to critique things about the book that […]


With respect to their collective other works, which are by-and-large pretty goddamn great, I feel that Scott Kolins and Matt Kindt’s Dark Horse book, Past Aways, may not be getting the level of attention or acclaim that it deserves, comparatively. And honestly, that’s kind of a shame, because while it may not seem it from […]


Tomb Raider #16 adds to my growing dismay about this series. The first five pages are devoted to a nightmare that Lara has, which doesn’t feel like it fits the narrative. I could understand the guy having that nightmare (being that Grim is Scottish) but why would Lara be dreaming about that. It just felt […]


And just like that, our introductory story to the strange being known as Divinity has wrapped up. I got to say that looking back on where I had hoped this series was gonna go, I am disappointed that this issue ended up still devoting a good chunk of time to fisticuffs with Unity. After those […]


Some books feel like a recipe with missing ingredients, others have all the ingredients they just can’t cook worth a damn, but these guys add the umami to every page. Maybe I shouldn’t be using any cooking metaphors for this issue, as the first couple of pages show Colby Asking Chow to re-cook Poyo (which […]


I absolutely adore this comic. Usually I hate comics with an agenda. Yes I know every story whether it’s film, book, comic, TV etc. all try to make you think or feel a particular way. What I mean is I hate it when the writer tries to shove it down your throat, “You will feel […]


Sons of the Devil is the most recent (and arguably, highest profile) foray into creator-owned work by writer Brian Buccellato, bringing relative newcomer Toni Infante along for the ride into the life of the abandoned children of an evil cult. The issue begins with two people kidnapping babies from an orphanage. A guard tries to […]


It has been a mostly good run for writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Nelson Daniel these last thirty issues.  But all things must come to an end and we have reached a conclusion both on the “Crowd Control” story arc and the overall saga of Chief Justice Cal and Judge Dredd’s battle for the ages.  […]