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Review: Doberman #3

The titular Doberman sports a mullet, bulging muscles and ever-present sunshades. Seeing him in all his glory on the cover, I was convinced that it would be a comedy parodying testosterone cop dramas like Lethal Weapon. Instead what I found inside was more tonally in sync with a straight up homage, Jack Lambert missing out on opportunities to skewer the genre and instead go for shtick that was tired ten years ago.

Review: BPRD – Hell on Earth #123

For a comic with two giant demons duking it out, this issue felt pretty uneventful. That’s not to see that it wasn’t a fun read, just that I couldn’t recall much about what had happened once I had arrived at the last page.
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Title Announcement: Critical Hit #1 from Matt Miner

You might be looking at the covers for Critical Hit and thinking, "isn't that Liberator?" We'll you're not wrong. Critical Hit as creator Matt Miner describes it, is a continuation of Liberator but with a new direction and art team. The direction is the interesting aspect in my opinion as Miner described it as a dark horror staring the two female leads from the previous Liberator series.



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Episode 149: Watchmen 2 Straight To DVD

Welcome again to another leg slapping episode of the CBMFP. Okay we don't actually promise leg slapping, at least not due to humor... more than likely it will be us butchering a name or something, but you get the picture.

Episode 148: They Call Me The Turd Taster

We're back again! That's right the CBMFP is hear to tickle your ears with plenty of Marvel news, both on the movies and the comic books. Don't think we forgot about the Lois Lane young adult novel and Dark Horse's young adult graphic novels! And what's up with Hello Kitty?