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Review: Protectors Inc. #8

One of those great hidden gem finds that I have encountered while scouring for comics has been this little Joe’s Comics title that is published by Image.



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The Evil Within

Check Out Some of This “The Evil Within” Gameplay

I love survival horror video games. Well starch that, I love survival horror video games that don't suck. So I have had my eye on the up coming Bethesda title, "The Evil Within". But there where just so many questions that I had about the overall experience that the game would provide. Thankfully this hour play through with Pete Hines answers a lot of them.

Here’s The Roster For WWE 2k15

Check out the roster for the upcoming WWE 2k15 video game. That's a pretty big roster and if DLC has its way there will be more wrestlers to down the line. Or if you're like me you'll just create your own guy and kick everyone's ass with him. Or download the community builds for the New Japan, PWG and Dragon Gate roster because that's AWESOME!
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Review: 80 Days

Just as the name suggests, 80 Days takes on a world adventure in 80 days. The objective of the game is to travel around the world by strategically scouting out faster routes while also keeping track of funds and avoiding possible set backs.

Gen Con 14: Syrinscape Returns

Syrinscape, developer of the revolutionary sound design app that adds evocative ambient soundscapes and a movie-like soundtrack to tabletop gaming experiences, is thrilled to announce today its latest releases making their debut at Gen Con Indy.
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Gamescom 14: BioWare’s Shadow Realms

Remember the pair of sweet teaser trailers that BioWare released a few weeks back? One was called "Nightmare" and the other was called "Impact". Well this is what they were leading up to--Shadow Realms. Check out four mintues of gameplay from IGN's Gamescom 2014 coverage.


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Episode 146: It’s Either That Or A Bad Wig

Today on the CBMFP we bring you our usual mix of banter about comic news and comic book movie news. Did you hear about Planet Venom? You will today. How about the Aquaman movie that the WB is making? We'll talk about it. Kickboxer 3-D remake? We've got you there as well.
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Save It For The Podcast: Expendables 3

The box office may be tanking, but we're still seeing movies. That's right, today the CBMFP presents Expendables 3. If you haven't watched the film yet then consider this your spoiler warning. Let's go!

Monster & Wine: Episode 6 – Get That Cheddar!

Wine expresses her frustrations over the power of vitality while Monster moans about less important things such as 5 seconds of summer. Oh, and there's a very big announcement in the third act. Dun, dun, dun!

Episode 145: Save It For The Podcast – TMNT 2014

What? Two movie episodes in a row? Well last week we did record two episodes and this week Erin is on vacation so Kevin and I were left to their own devices which resulted in just one podcast... that and TMNT kind of took the wind out of their sails. If you haven't watched the movie yet and some part of you doesn't want us to spoil it for you then go ahead and skip this week. If you want us to walk you through it scene by scene practically then get a soda and some popcorn and enjoy the maddening chaos of CBMFP.