Before Watchmen Times Square Ad (1)

Check Out DC’s Time Square Commercial For Before Watchmen Collections

We’re all pretty familiar with the jumbotron in Times Square from either a personal visit or just seeing it in a movie. Well for the first time ever a comic book commercial will be featured on the jumbotron and it’s for DC’s hardcover collections of Before Watchmen. I still think those covers are terrible. If you want to argue creators rights in the comments below, feel free, but I think the fact that it sold as well as it did shows that the bulk of comic fandom just doesn’t give a shit. I’ve never read them, but I hear they were actually pretty good. If none of this gets you fired up I also think that Watchmen is overrated, but still good… just overrated.

Here’s the video:

Before Watchmen Times Square Ad (2)


Via Comics Beat

By Dustin Cabeal

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