$1,000 Dollar Tim Burton Looking Levi Doll From "Attack on Titan" Sells Out In 30 Minutes

Now that's a fucking headline! I'm sure you have a lot of questions. First off it's probably just me that thinks that this Levi doll looks like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride so that's where that bit came from. Yes it sold out in about 30 minutes, maybe less or maybe a little more, but around thirty minutes. Third... it actually costs $1,180 dollars. Okay even crazier, this was for pre-orders only! They basically shut down the system because they were selling them too quickly and so I don't even know how many they sold and this all happened on Christmas day! The doll comes with a bunch of accessories and stands 60cm tall in case you wondered. I have to say that Attack on Titan is interesting; I like the concept and world, but the characters are so typical that they're hard for me to like. I get why Levi is so well liked, but it's still a bit ridiculous to me. Here's some pics of the doll that you'll never get without maxing out your credit card.