7 Questions With Mat Heagerty About 'Just Another Sheep'

If you listened to the podcast this past week then you heard me talk about the upcoming Action Lab release Just Another Sheep. Part of the reason I checked out the book was so that I could interview the writer/creator of the series Mat Heagerty. The book, Just Another Sheep, will be November 4th, but definitely pre-order the title if you're interested. I know that I enjoyed it and usually I avoid stories with hippies... just kidding. Anyway, here's the interview.

DUSTIN: In your own words can you tell us what Just Another Sheep is about?

MAT: Just Another Sheep is the story of Banning, a timid teen with some strange abilities, learning to think for himself in the late 60s.

DUSTIN: How long is the story going to run?

MAT: The story currently ends with five action-packed, fun-filled, psychedelically-fueled issues. But If people like it enough I'd love to do a follow up series set in the early 70s.

DUSTIN: What made you pick the 60s for the setting for Just Another Sheep?

STK688522_Page_04MAT: As I see it, in the 60s everyone and there mom was protesting or championing some cause. It seemed like a fun place to place story about a kid learning to think for himself. Also, I just love 60s music and the visuals that come along with the era.

DUSTIN: I liked the main character’s powers, will the series reveal anyone else with powers?

MAT: There's a small scene later on in the story that lets us know Banning isn't the only one in this universe with special abilities. But Banning is our only key player with powers.

DUSTIN: You created the series with JD Faith, what brought you two together?

MAT: Like all great things the internet brought us together! I was scouring webcomics for an artist who would fit the story and lucked out big time when I came across JD's work on a webcomic called San Hannibal (currently being published by POP! Goes The Icon) From there it was a lot of emailing!

DUSTIN: Will there be a soundtrack recommendation for each issue?

MAT: There will! I really love the music from the 60s specifically the garage rock stuff. There's really fun recommendations at the end of each issue. My hope is that people seek out the songs online after reading each issue.

DUSTIN: What’s your writing process (full script? “Marvel Method”?) and how long does it take you to complete a script?

MAT: Oh full script for sure. I'm way too much of a control freak to hand off the reigns that much. I am however always open to artists suggestions. It ends up taking me quite a while to complete a script with juggling my job bartending, taking care of my daughter Ollie, and just regular life stuff. But I'm always thinking of my stories so when I sit down to write it usually comes out fast.

A huge thank you to Mat for taking the time to talk to me and remember to pick up Just Another Sheep fro Action Lab Entertainment this November.