Cliff Bleszinski Announces New Company and Game

Cliff Bleszinski forever known as Cliffy B, has gone off to do what most every big name game developer does and that's start a company. His is called "Boss Key Games" and he's teaming up with Nexon to publish his first game which has the codename "Blue Streak." That doesn't mean it's the final name of the game, but that's what they'll call it until then. According to Cliff's twitter it's a free to play (code for micro transactions) sci-fi PC arena shooter. I'll play anything that's free to play because I don't spend any real money, I also stop playing them rather quickly or at the first hint of me being fucked because I'm not spending money. Ask for my money once or don't ask for it at all, but we'll see in two years when this game is likely out. Source