Marvel Releases "The Marvel Method" For Cosplay

I had some reservations about this just from hearing the title. I don't think there's any one right way to cosplay and so it makes me nervous when some proclaims "the way" even if it's just marketing. Marketing works because, well it fucking works. Then I watched it and it made me really sad because it's not helpful to anyone trying to get into cosplay. Lorraine Cink who hosts Marvel's "The Watcher" is going to be dressing as the Scarlet Witch for Comic Con and it's pitched as her journey into becoming the character... then they bring in a Broadway seamstress to make the costume... no tips are given other than what everyone already knows which is start with a character you feel you could pull off. You can watch it below, but honestly if you're looking to get into cosplay I would hit up deviantART and ask some people who have been doing it for a while for pointers because it's a great community that's helpful and supportive of beginners.