Activision Is Making A Legend of Korra Video Game That Looks Quite Good

One day I'm actually going to watch all of Avatar: The Last Airbender and then move on to Legend of Korra because frankly the series seems right up my alley. This game also looks right up my alley and way better than the Airbender game that was on the X-Box 360 which took a total of five minutes to get all 1,000 achievement points. I was kind of looking forward to the same here until I saw the game art. Looks great. It looks way better than an Activision game based off a Nickelodeon cartoon show should look. The game is being developed by Platinum Games so you know that the action is going to kick all kinds of ass. It has a cell-shaded look which I'm a huge fan of and the story takes place between the second and third season of the show. Below you can check out some screen shots, some cover images that you can vote for (here). Look for the downloadable game this fall.

Legend of Korra Game Covers (1)

Legend of Korra Game Covers (2)

Legend of Korra Game Covers (3)