Adam's Top Five: Sep - Oct

Here's our next "Top Five" comics from writer Adam Kelly!

5 – The Shaolin Cowboy

5 - The Shaolin Cowboy

I hadn’t read any of the original series of Shaolin Cowboy prior to reading this re-launched #1 issue, but reading through the hilarious backstory provided in the front and entering the comic without any preconceived notions was a great bit of fun.  This is a comic that doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and it’s just a fun read.  Who doesn’t love a double chainsaw staff chopping up hordes of zombies?  At the end of the issue it’s clear that there’s an evil organization that wants the Cowboy dead, so I’m looking forward to seeing his story unfold-and I’m sure there’ll be tons of laughs on the way there.

4 – Rocket Girl

4 - Rocket Girl

On paper, there wasn’t much going for this book where I thought I’d like it.  A teenage girl who’s a cop that travels in time?  Luckily, this is a sci-fi adventure that I loved and again, was just a ton of fun to read.  Like I said in my review there were a few things left out of the story that I wish were answered, but some stunningly beautiful art with a new and refreshing story definitely has me intrigued to continue along reading this quirky new book.

3 – Hit

3 - Hit

I love the concept behind this one: L.A. Cops by day in the 1950’s who double as hit-men at night, led by their own captain.  The story is brilliant and the artwork is incredibly unique and fits the era perfectly.  There’s a lot going on, but the mystery of who killed Slater’s old partner and seeing Slater try to protect Captain Blaire’s daughter Bonnie are very interesting to follow (although one glance at the cover for issue #2 will tell you she’s capable of defending herself).  All the other cases they go on are more horrific and disturbing than the last.  Seeing the underbelly of L.A. in this time period is very dark and disgusting at points, you’ll probably want to take a shower after reading it.

2 – Sheltered

2 - Sheltered

I feel like this is a book that isn’t deserving as much hype as it should.  Maybe people think it’s another Walking Dead clone, but to me it’s anything but.  This is one of my favorite creative teams in comics right now (just take a look at the back of issue #4 and see how well they work together…).  They’re relatively unknown now, but I feel like they have potential to be household names if this book catches on.  I have to admit, I was a bit bored with issue #3 just because there was so much bloodshed and intensity with the first two issues.  I’m happy to say that in issue #4, I was pulled right back in due to Lucas’ sadistic intentions and I can’t wait for what’s in store for the youth of Safe Haven.

1 – Revival

1 - Revival

Okay so to be fair, there is no Revival coming out this month (I believe due to the release of the Deluxe HC), but it’s my favorite book out there so I’m going to talk about it.  Revival is one of the only comics that continues to gives me chills issue after issue (the other being Rachel Rising).  It’s unpredictable and incredibly intense which keeps bringing me back month after month.  Every character has ties to other characters, there’s a huge mystery brewing, there’s just so much going on I religiously take notes and jot down questions on my iPod (unfortunately, I’m not kidding).  I just want to get everything possible out of this story.  Dana and Em alone are some of my favorite characters in comics, not to mention a whole cast of other characters I love to hate.  I love the art, I love the story, and I love everything that is Revival.  I think this book still has a lot of life left in it (get it?), so hopefully it’ll be years and years before this amazing book bites the dust.  Why can’t it be November 27th already? -- What are your Top Five comics of the month? Let us know in the comments!