Amazing Spider-Man 2 Clarifications and Spoilers

Let's start with this very simple photo of Spider-Man's armory...

Amazing right? Thanks director Marc Webb for nothing interesting to look at. Next up are some details that come from a source close to the production that clarifies some questions people have about the film and one minorish spoiler if you don't know shit about Spider-Man. Spoilers ahead people.

  • Jamie Fox isn't wearing the old Electro suit. It's going to be something like Ultimate Spider-Man's suit which still fucking sucks.
  • Venom isn't in the movie, so leave it alone.
  • Green Goblin isn't in the movie, but Norman Osborn is and GG's appearance will be heavily teased throughout the entire movie.
  • Gwen's dying. Emma Stone might not be in the movie that much at all.

Nothing huge, but it sounds like the leading ladies aren't playing a huge role in the film considering MJ is already done filming.

Source: Geek Tyrant