Announcing Papercuts and Inkstains #1 From Madius Comics

I'm going to be checking out the first issue of Papercuts and Inkstains, but in the meantime let's announce the book! The book will be available from Madius Comics very soon. Official Press Release:

Welcome to this, the inaugural issue of Papercuts and inkstains. What started off a semi weekly column of irreverence, insanity and opinion has changed and been reborn as this multi storied comic you see before you!

Mixing horror, humour, science fiction and the absurd, Papercuts sets out to amuse, question, intrigue and delight. issue one is written solely by Robin Jones, the former writer of the aforementioned column, and features art from Dan Butcher (Vanguard Comic, Reynard City), Mike Smith (5 Dimensions Comics), Kevin Pospisil; a new comer with swagger, jagger and all sorts of US sass and Nick Gonzo (Punk Rock Apocalypse, The Tree, Harvey Spig Series) and contains 3 distinctly different stories, Harold and Madge face off against the Yorkshire Zombie Apocalypse, The Brotherhood of B.O.O.B.D.A.E Attempt to bring forth the apocalypse with the help of Waitrose and Holland and Barrett and finally we follow a day in the life of a time war adjudicant…

Robin Jones is a former columnist for and The Cult Den who decided one day to attempt to write some comics. His work is soon to be feature in Futurequake and he has several projects due for release over the course of the coming months.

Papercuts is being released by Madius Comics, a new production house, run by Robin, Nick and Brad Holman. The whole aim of Madius is to release fun, interesting and challenging comics and to create a stable for writers and artists to produce work together!