Another Look A 'Carver: A Paris Story'

You should have already read my review for the first issue of Carver: A Paris Story, but if you didn't then check out this great preview for the first issue. Then go read my review because it's kinda what we do here.
CARVER: A PARIS STORY, from Paul Pope's protege Chris Hunt, which includes a short story by Pope himself, debuts today. CARVER tracks notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver as he trots the globe on a noir-esque adventure to help the only woman he has ever loved. CARVER is the second series in the new line of creator-owned periodicals from Z2 Comics.
"While the origin of CARVER: A PARIS STORY is very personal, I wanted the book itself to take readers on a really fun, classic adventure ride," says Chris. "The character of Francis Carver is based on my childhood heroes Indiana Jones and Ernest Hemingway, while the book pays homage to CORTO MALTESE." The comic book follows the “man’s man” pioneer hero Carver as he tracks the villainous kidnapper Stacker Lee.