Aquaman Gives You The Most Viruses!

  Every year before Comic-Con Intel likes to put out this list of superhero searches that basically infect computers with viruses and malware and shit and last year Superman took the top spot knocking Aquaman off the throne. This year though Aquaman is back in first baby! I don't know why the fuck people search for Aquaman so damn much though, there should be a study on that. "Why the fuck does this fish-fuck get so many searches, but can't hold a book or my attention?" Go ahead and google that I have no fucking clue what will come up... probably a virus. Here's the rest of their list.

Intel Security’s Top 10 Most Toxic Superheroes*:

  1. Aquaman                                                              20.00%
  2. Iron Fist                                                                 19.69%
  3. Wolverine                                                             19.58.%
  4. Wonder Woman                                                  19.38%
  5. Doctor Strange                                                     19.17%
  6. Daredevil                                                               18.96%
  7. Tie: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man                  18.85%
  8. Catwoman                                                             18.65%
  9. Green Lantern                                                      18.44%
  10. Batman                                                               18.33%