At Look At Ace of Arenas

E3 has come and gone, but my coverage hasn't officially wrapped up until I tell you all about Ace of Arenas a mobile game coming out from GAEA. The game is a MOBA meaning its core gameplay is based on fighting against others to protect your core or base. The gameplay is pretty straight forward, but the developers have kept the mobile platform in mind while creating the game. Battles are quick as I had demonstrated for me at E3. Like other MOBA's you can upgrade your champion while playing and either use in-game currency that you've earned or shortcut it and level up by buying. What stuck out to me was the amount of characters/champions the game had. You can check out the entire list here, but I really dug the variety of characters and their designs. Clearly there was a lot of attention put into this and it really gives the game a vibe of having something for everyone.

As for the actual battles there's four game types, bot, which is exactly as it sounds. Then there's 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. Unfortunately since I was seeing the demo before the launch I didn't get to see how the game handled against other players, but it's out now and free so you can check it out for yourself.