Avengers Assemble Adds The Dark Avengers... I'm Sure That Won't Confuse Kids At All (Video)

I love how the Disney XD Marvel cartoons take all these great comic ideas and cram them into one crappy episode. Here's a a complex storyline... let's just make it a 26 minute cartoon about an alternate universe. On top of that it's not even the read Dark Avengers... balls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBARw4lGQsM&feature=youtu.be

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Marvel's Avengers Assemble. - "The Dark Avengers"

In a “flipped reality,” the Avengers discover that their world has been reshaped by the Reality Stone, wielded by the Squadron Supreme. In this new reality the Squadron Supreme have made themselves the heroes and the Avengers the villains! Find out if the Avengers can take down the Squadron Supreme and prove that they’re the real heroes in an all-new MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE airing Sunday, February 1 8:30am/7:30c in the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.