Bats and Cats Collection From Forever 21

Well we knew this was coming, but now we know what it looks like... now we know. I don't know I'm so numb to this stuff anymore that I can't decide if I hate it or just feel apathy for it. tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo1_1280tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo2_1280 tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo3_1280 tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo4_1280 tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo5_1280 tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo6_1280 tumblr_mtsu7fcAYU1qbg80vo7_1280