Best Movies of 2015 #4

For the first time ever we’re bringing you the best movies of 2015! This list is a bit different from our comic section in that we’re just picking the top five movies of the year and ever writer is getting their own pick. Without further ado, here’s the #4 movies.


DUSTIN: Turbo Kid

For a movie that was funded via crowdfunding, this film was pretty damn good. It knew what it was, it knew what it wanted to do and it worked within its own budget to accomplish those tasks. Was it the most incredible bit of filmmaking? No, but it was entertaining and had a look and style that was captivating and stayed with you.


DAVE: Ex-Machina

Ex-Machina is the directorial debut of 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland, and it’s a rarity in today’s cinema landscape: grown up sci-fi that trades on questions over explosions and ideas over special effects. Not to say that what effects there are, such as the robot Ava (played with quiet perfection by Alicia Vikander) aren’t spectacular, but the film concentrates itself elsewhere. The plot concerns a genius young programmer (Domhall Gleeson) who is invited to spend a week at the mansion of his reclusive boss Nathan (Oscar Isaac), and perform tests upon the robot Ava to confirm if Nathan has indeed invented AI. Ex Machina draws strong performances from its three leads - in particular, a transformed and unrecognizable Isaac - and has a smart script with twists and turns that surprise but never feel forced. It might just restore your faith in sci-fi

It Follows

CAMERON: It Follows

Horror Films (excluding any film to do with James Wan) have been truly a lacking genre, but with the premiere of It Follows, I was blown away by the unsettling suspense, which was created, ending in a spectacular film. The constant reminder that it is always following you at all times, creating such an uneasy feeling, that the entire film I could help but be on the edge of my seat wondering where and when it would appear. The acting was incredible in this film, and the cinematography truly helped push along the plot with allowing things to be seen or not see at just the right moments. It Follows revamped indie horror films, and helped tell large studios what we REALLY want from horror film, and that’s why it takes my #4 spot.