Best of 2014: Best All-Ages Title

Welcome back to our end of the year round-up! The categories haven't changed, but we are giving out something a little different this year to our winners... cuts. That's right, we're jumping you into the Comic Bastards winner circle! You can also listen to the "Best of 2014" podcast episode which is posted at the bottom to hear the entire list, otherwise check back for the next category. Now let's get going with our next category: Best All-Ages Title. 8-Best-All-Ages-Title

Samantha & Steve - Gotham Academy

Samantha - I love this series and don't even think about it as an all-ages comic because it is has a lot to say.

Steve - Nice one, Sam, and I completely agree!

Samantha - Thank you Steve.

Steve - This doesn't feel like a stereotypical all-ages book, which is why I like it so much. Fun, engaging writing and some EXTREMELY pretty art, plus it actually does what all-ages books should do: open worlds for everyone to enjoy.

Andre - Bee and Puppycat

I laugh out loud at least once per issue and have learned a new delicious sandwich combo from this comic. 'Nuff Said.

David - Howtoons: Re-Ignition

I generally don't read all-ages titles just because they don't really interest me that much. But I did have a look at Howtoons earlier in the year because of Fred Van Lente's involvement, and yeah. It was fun. I only picked up the first issue because again, I just struggle to get into all-ages titles. But as an all-ages title it was good, and if I had a little more money I would have supported it for longer.

Jeff - Small Thing

I didn't read a lot of All-Ages books this year, but this little one shot by artist Kayla Miller was a beautiful little must-read for kids just beginning to understand how much bigger the world is than them.

Austin - Regular Show


Neil - Mega Man

Fun Series. Even if you aren't a Mega Man fan. This book is all sorts of fun. All kids can get into this book as well.

Nina - Lumberjanes

Friendship to the max!

Nick - Lumberjanes

Nina's right.

Allen - Atomic Robo: the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur (and any other Atomic Robo books out this year)

Atomic Robo delivers a great comic that is always new reader friendly and a great fit for all ages. You can hand it to a kid and the most negative old-time reader, and they will both love it. How can you not love a smart ass robot who fights giant monsters, other robots, and many other pulp villains? Oh and his arch nemesis is a dinosaur who is stupidly insane.

Carl - Fraggle Rock: The Search for Everspring

Jim Henson is looking down from Muppet Heaven and smiling at this one.

James - Adventure Time

It's funky, it’s funny, and it never tends to disappoint.  This family friendly title has an edge, but doesn't offend. I can't say enough good things about it. Ryan North, he rocks, Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, they roll.  And as for the title itself, it is a great entertaining read pleasing on all levels.

Dustin - Lenore

Yes I come from the school of thought that Lenore is an all-ages title... I don't see how it's not. Issue eleven was amaze-balls and Roman Dirge delivered on his promise of killing a long time character. It took the series in a new direction and it I can't wait to see how that plays out. Also the killer pickle hat is still one of my favorite things of all time.