Best of 2014: Best Original Graphic Novel, Trade or Reprint

Welcome back to our end of the year round-up! The categories haven't changed, but we are giving out something a little different this year to our winners... cuts. That's right, we're jumping you into the Comic Bastards winner circle! You can also listen to the "Best of 2014" podcast episode which is posted at the bottom to hear the entire list, otherwise check back for the next category. Now let's get going with our next category: Best Original Graphic Novel, Trade or Reprint. 6-Best-OGN-Trade-or-Reprint

James - The Best of Comix Book: When Marvel Went Underground

Who knew that Stan Lee and Denis Kitchen collaborated for an underground Marvel publication in the early 1970s?  I found the reprint of the best the comics had to offer as informative and thought provoking.  Shoot, the first American publication of Maus happened in Comix Book.  Pretty cool. I found this "best of" book to be filled with enlightening tidbits and it really captures a moment in time when Marvel played around with some cutting edge themes.

Andre - Seconds

I haven't yet read many of this years OGN releases, but Seconds was one I picked up as soon as possible. With a story about an ambitious, 20-something who's wants it all, there was no way I wouldn't have been able to relate, and empathize with Kate's consumption of reality altering mushrooms (they allow her to revise a mistake, not think that trees are gonna eat her). In addition, you got O'Malley's trademark humor and illustrations of beautiful foods.

Samantha - Seconds

Love how O'Mailey can capture the thought of each character. Such a cute, impressive, and fun graphic novel.

Kevin - Andre the Giant: Life and Legend

Even though it read like there were a few bits glossed over in the icon’s life and understandability so; the book does a fantastic job giving you a peek into André René Roussimoff's interesting life. Cartoonist and biographer Box Brown has done a great job

Neil - Andre the Giant: Life and Legend

A great graphic novel of one of wrestling's legends.

Carl - Andre the Giant: Life and Legend

He was Fezzik, bitches.  'Nuff said.

Dustin - Doomboy

This year I read a lot of graphic novels. So many that I can't even remember them all, but Doomboy stands out because I read it three times. I'm not talking about one time and then bullshit flipping through it two more times though I did do that. I'm talking about three actual readings of the book. It's fantastic. It's one of the best things I've ever read and will be one of those rare titles that I read again and again.

Austin - OPUS

OPUS wasn't my favorite story that I read this year, but the experience of seeing Kon's unfinished work from nearly two decades ago for the first time in English was by far the most special thing I read.

Jeff - The Wicked + The Divine

Like 'Preacher' and 'Sandman: Season of Mists' had a kid and that kid went out clubbing all night.

Allen - Grandville Noel

Just go read my review I wrote about this. Such a beautiful book that.

Nick - Casanova Vol. 1: Luxuria

The main series is crazy fun and proves that you CAN throw everything together and make it work, but the backmatter is the star. It's the first place you see that Fraction is a writer who has actual things to say and a lot of heart to boot.

Steve - Moon Knight, Volume 1: From The Dead

This collection of one-and-dones took me completely by surprise: a wicked, fractured superhero story with some of the finest art of the entire year. This was an exceptional creative combo that fired on absolutely every cylinder to make something insanely special.

David - Deadly Class Vol. 1: The Reagan Youth

I picked up this trade on a whim when I had a bit of extra money burning a hole in my pocket one day, and it was definitely one of the better financial decisions I've made recently. This book blew me away. Remender quickly establishes a cast of characters that are interesting, likeable and in the case of one particular villain - very disturbing. I loved the first six issues contained within this trade; they had a great mix of drama and humour, and the artwork was beautiful - particularly in the acid-trip issues which looked phenomenal. Pick it up, folks!