Best of 2015: Best All-Ages Series

Welcome to our end of the year list! Unlike other sites, we give all of our writers the opportunity to make their own picks. What you'll read below and on the rest of the site is a list of each individual writer's picks. As much as we like making our choices, we love hearing yours so let us know what you'd pick for the "Best All-Ages Title" below in the comments.

gotham-academy_612x929 copy

ASA: Gotham Academy (DC Comics)

Making the Batman universe family friendly has worked before, but rarely while keeping the dark tone intact. Gotham Academy seemed like a recipe for a mediocre, pandering title (precocious youth attend a spooky boarding school), yet succeeds in understanding the psychological tone that makes Batman work. And as always, Karl Kerschl supplied animation cel art that is without a doubt the key to the book's success.


CHRIS: Fantasy Sports (Nobrow Press)

A tale of two wizards who can't get along, this beautifully drawn book is very reminiscent of Cartoon Network's mega-hits Adventure Time and Steven Universe. Dungeon exploring and monster fighting has never been more fun, especially with Sam Bosma at the helm (one of the artists on Steven Universe!)


JAMES: Lumberjanes (BOOM! Studios)

This whole comic from the Boom Box line of Boom Studios has been groundbreaking. 2015 was no exception for it, as I can think of no comic that is so well delivered and driven in portraying incredibly strong and powerful female characters with entertaining story arcs and amazing dialogues. For any of you men out there who thinks this is just a female centric "girl power" anomaly, well it is. But read it and tell me that you don't see the good that it evokes. It is a wonderful all ages tale to be enjoyed by the masses.


DUSTIN: Yo-Kai Watch (Viz Media)

I read a lot of all-ages titles and this year was terrible! Seriously. Yo-Kai Watch was a late addition, but it was so enjoyable it made my list. Sure it's just a Pokemon type of story, but I enjoyed the creatures and their never-ending possibilities. Plus, I would have no problem letting my kid read the series since it had a variety of moral lessons to learn. Comics may have been bad, but Manga was pretty damn great this year.


STEVE: I Hate Fairyland (Image Comics)

"All-ages" books can take a hike as far as I'm concerned. That's why I love this Skottie Young book, which undermines the entire genre.

HONORABLE MENTION: Welcome to Showside