Best of 2015: Best Indie Comic

Welcome to our end of the year list! Unlike other sites, we give all of our writers the opportunity to make their own picks. What you'll read below and on the rest of the site is a list of each individual writer's picks. As much as we like making our choices, we love hearing yours so let us know what you'd pick for the "Best Indie Comics" below in the comments.


KEVIN: Baby Badass #1

Hear Kevin talk about his pick on this week's episode of the CBMFP!


JAMES: Escape from Jesus Island #3

Is it controversial? Oh yeah. Is it provocative? Hell yeah! Will it piss some people off? Sure. But will it throughly entertain many more people as it pisses those some off? One big Hell to the yes. EFJI is some of the most outrageous, gory, crazy, and FUN you will ever have in reading a comic. Writer Shawn French knows he's pushing buttons, yet he does so with the gusto of a five year old left alone in a nuclear reactor control room. And as for the art of Mortimer Glum, it is the stuff of nightmares on methamphetamine; hauntingly horrible, but visually stunning at the same time. This is truly a must have Indie.


DUSTIN:  Vacancy (Nobrow Press)

I hate to keep saying it, but it's been a rough year for comics. Usually the 'Best of' side of the list is hard because you have so many choices, but this year it was difficult to find one. That said, Vacancy by Jen Lee stayed with me all year. It's not as indie as I would like, but it's indie enough that this interesting story about anthropomorphic animals living in the suburbs of a post-apocalyptic world resonated with me on everything an indie can be.